Insurance Adjuster: Good Or Not?

16 May

Insurance, in any form these days, are an important means of protection and security. At times, an insurance policyholder may experience loss and will need to file a claim from the insurance company as per policy coverage.

Different losses may differ on many occasions, however, when a claim is filed it should meet the standard stipulated in the coverage policy of the insured. Some people in order to get a quicker response or processing of the claim, would hire an insurance adjuster and some will just directly work with their insurance agents or the insurance company.

The hired public adjuster simply comes in between the insured and the insurance company and acts as the spokesperson on behalf of the insured. There are different reviews and blogs online that gives a person ideas about the pros and cons of hiring residential insurance adjuster.

Insurance companies already have adjusters and they do the service for free to the insured, so why the need for an adjuster?

The goal in filing a claim is to get the declared value of the property before the loss, but with an adjusters service the declared value that can be claimed will depreciate.

There are times that in real sense, one files a claim in order to get the value of the loss as what it was before the loss, after evaluation you get like 100% of the claim but it will be minimized since 10% of that will go to the hired public insurance adjuster.

Also, an external insurance adjuster may not know fully the extent of the policy coverage of the insured as much as the insurance agent or adjuster, therefore some information or important details may be compromised. Nonetheless, should it really be necessary to hire an adjuster one must have valid reasons beyond reasonable doubt.

One may have too much on his plate that he cannot manage to process the claims for himself, or he may have a bad experience with the insurance company adjuster hence the need to hire one. Hire an adjuster that is with good credentials, select from among a few and not just anyone that appears in times of disaster, it can be a scam.

Look for possible red flags along the process of the service and if something is off, stop the service.

Either it is for convenience or fast processing of claims, making decisive consideration may allow more savings in the end. Make sure you opt and follow these key points to pick the best insurance adjuster for you.

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